Transform Utility Data into Actionable Insights

Automate acquisition of meter level utility data, track usage trends, detect anomalies, and provide insights to conserve energy and water use. All for the price of a coffee ☕.

What We Do

Improve the Performance of Buildings



We automate the collection of meter level energy and water use and cost data directly from all your utility providers’ billing portals.



We track trends in building energy and water data, decode usage and cost spikes, and detect bill errors, making utility management a breeze. 



We peer-benchmark your buildings, identify usage and cost drivers, and help realize savings via a custom roadmap of energy and water efficiency measures. 


We create data-rich building performance reports to support disclosure regulation reporting and environmental, social, & governance (ESG) goals. 

Utility Management starts with Data Automation

Utility data is complex. A bill can have over 100 line items that seldom make sense to the average reader.

Let Efficiate handle the complexity of utility data collection, organization, and analysis. Our software allows building owners and operators to focus on building performance insights and actions, not data retrieval and organization.

Augment Building Portfolio Intelligence

Subscribers to Efficiate’s Utility Information System software uncover critical building intelligence that spurs energy and water cost reductions and boosts net operating income. Gain the insights to improve building performance.

The Business Impact of<br> Efficiate The Business Impact of<br> Efficiate
The Business Impact of<br> Efficiate

The Business Impact of Efficiate

  • 430% return on investment
  • Reduce utility costs up to 20%
  • Reduce emissions and your carbon footprint

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