Utility Information System (UIS)

See building energy and water use and cost data brought to life with compelling visualization. Uncover financial and environmental insights that guide better building performance.

Utility Data-as-a-Service (UDaaS)

Integrate energy and water data and insights directly into your own software. UDaaS, through a data interchange, streams building utility data seamlessly into customer workflows.

Compliance & Disclosure Reporting

Comply with your reporting obligations under green building programs such as BOMA BEST and LEEDs, emerging disclosure regulations, and ESG initiatives.

Bill Audit and Error Detection

Gain peace of mind with audited energy and water bills and automated bill error detection. Get notified when bill totals look awry, payments are late, or unknown charges need investigation.

Building Efficiency Prediction Engine

Instantaneously gain insights into a building’s energy efficiency by simply selecting it in our map interface. Learn how our machine learning gradient boosting algorithm is disrupting traditional benchmarking methods.

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