White-labeled Energy & Water Application

Efficiate offers a white-labeled version of our Utility Information System (UIS) that utility providers and brokers can provide to their customers. Branded as their own, the UIS provides valuable features such as energy and water trend tracking and performance scoring.

Efficiate can work with any electronic data interchange (EDI) processes to seamlessly integrate customer data into the UIS.

How We Help Your Customers

For commercial consumers, the white-labeled UIS:

  • Identifies patterns and anomalies in energy and water use behaviour
  • Measures the competitiveness of buildings and identifies good and poor performers
  • Calculates building Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions
  • Identifies savings and a project roadmap to improve building performance
  • Performs measurement and verification of pursued efficiency actions
  • Streamlines internal and external reporting

Lifetime Customer Relationships

In addition to providing valuable insights to utility provider and broker customers, the software enables these entities to maintain lifetime relationships and service opportunities with customers through continuous energy and water data monitoring.

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