Automating Utilities Management

Commercial and multifamily property managers and real estate investment trusts (REITs) manage utility bills that can represent 30% of total building operating expenditures. Utility bill complexity and a lack of time can derail effective management. Efficiate makes life easier for building operators by:

  • Saving time with energy and water expense management
  • Eliminating manual bill entry into spreadsheets and manual entry errors
  • Identifying good and poor performing assets
  • Uncovering building savings potential
  • Setting utility budgets and computing GHG emissions
  • Measuring results of energy and water efficiency projects
  • Easing reporting obligations for green building programs (e.g., BOMA BEST), regulatory compliance, and ESG

Building Efficiency Benefits

Efficiate is a catalyst for improving energy and water efficiency in buildings. More efficient buildings improve net operating income, occupant health, environmental performance, and brand image.

Let Efficiate be the foundation of your energy and water management strategy.

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