Energy Audits 2.0

We built the Utility Information System (UIS) product with a vision to replace traditional ASHRAE energy audits that are too expensive for small and medium-sized buildings. Through software, Efficiate helps smaller building operators learn about their building performance quickly without the expense of an in-person audit.

Automated Energy Management Workflows

For energy auditors and energy managers, the UIS:

  • Automates energy and water data collection from the utility bill
  • Amalgamates and processes meter level data to the building level
  • Analyzes energy and water use and cost data to benchmark the building and find savings
  • Enables measurement and verification of pursued efficiency actions

Optimize Staff Resources

By automating benchmarking tasks, the Efficiate UIS reduces the need for staff resources allocated to energy and water data collection, manual entry into spreadsheets, and analysis of building performance.

Learn more about the UIS here and how energy auditors and managers can benefit from streamlined benchmarking workflows.

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