How are my buildings performing?

We use machine learning to compare your properties to your peers, in an apples-to-apples comparison. We also deliver intensity (per sq.ft) usage and cost metrics so you can compare different sized buildings and different building types.

How much energy and water did I use last year?

We collect and track your energy and water use directly from the most trusted source - the meter readings on your utility bill. We calendarize your usage so it accurately reflects when this usage occurred.

How much did I spend last quarter?

We collect energy and water cost information from your utility bill so cost comparisons from period to period can be made. This makes establishing budgets and comparing energy and water rates in different time frames easy.

What are my good and poor performing properties?

Machine-learning powered Efficiate Score indicates how efficient a building is compared to its peers. We account for the building’s unique operational and physical characteristics as well as climate and weather to ensure fairness in the comparison.

What portion of my usage is weather-driven versus operational?

Our data models deliver powerful insights into usage drivers. Understand what usage is a result of weather versus operational behaviours - the key is to understand what is in control.

Are energy efficiency measures working?

Our machine learning models analyze your pre- and post-project energy and water usage while accounting for weather and any operational changes. This provides clarity into usage and cost results from the pursued project.

How can I comply with energy and water reporting regulations and/or Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG)
requirements in my jurisdiction?

Efficiate's energy and water data collection, processing, and organization prepares your data for compliance and ESG reporting. Whether you have to report energy and water use to comply with benchmarking regulations or need help complying with green building certification processes such as LEEDs, BOMA BEST, or Fitwel, we’re here to help.

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