About the Efficiate Utility Information System

The Efficiate Utility Information System (UIS) is a web app that collects, organizes, and analyzes commercial and industrial building energy and water data. The interactive dashboard presents building use and cost data for a portfolio of buildings and analyzes it to find savings and other insights for users. The UIS is accessed via a web browser on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Building owners and operators, utility providers (retailers), energy and water service companies, and energy auditors all can use the Efficiate UIS to improve their businesses.

Benefits of the Efficiate UIS

The benefits of the Efficiate UIS, outlined in this blog post, include saving time and resources in the acquisition of meter level utility data, uncovering building performance, and identifying energy and water cost savings within a building portfolio.

In short, the UIS boosts net operating income through data-driven insights.

Features of the Efficiate UIS

The Efficiate UIS features include:

  • Energy and water data acquisition – The Efficiate UIS automatically collects building use and cost data directly from the most trusted source, the PDF utility bill. The UIS can do this for all buildings in a portfolio. The system does not require the installation of any hardware in the building(s).
  • Data auditing – The UIS audits each utility bill for accuracy. For example, it makes sure that each cost item on the bill adds up to the total amount due.
  • Data processing – The UIS processes the energy and water data (in fancy words, it calendarizes and weather-normalizes the data) to accurately reflect the time of usage and allow buildings to be compared to their peers equally, regardless of location and climate.
  • Data visualization – The UIS brings building energy and water data to life with stunning visualizations. Explore current and historical data and insights at the meter, building, or portfolio level.
  • Data-driven insights – the Efficiate UIS presents data in absolute and per-square-foot terms so buildings of different sizes can be compared. The UIS allows current usage to be contrasted against a baseline and also highlights factors driving energy and water use and cost. These insights can be used to set budgets confidently, see the carbon impact of buildings, and investigate poor-performing buildings to improve.
  • Project recommendations – Taking into account the performance of each building, the UIS recommends tailored projects for building manager consideration with insights into projected annual savings.
  • Measurement and verification – The UIS verifies the savings for any pursued energy and water conservation projects through its measurement and verification feature. The UIS handles the complex algorithms that allow two usage periods with different weather conditions to be compared equally.

The Efficiate UIS takes users on a journey of building performance discovery and improvement. To learn more about the UIS and if it is the right fit for your organization and needs, please touch base with our team below.

Happy data-driven decision making!

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